Monday, May 2, 2011

Viva Las Vegas!

The Saint and I went to the VLV rockabilly weekender in Las Vegas and had an absolute blast!! We saw some killer bands and I bought about 20 cds. Here is a selection of what I bought. One of the sellers told me I had "impeccable musical taste." This made my day! I bought hillbilly, classic rockabilly, female R&B shouters, and female jivers. I love the 1950s era R&B women singers with the big voices. I am rockin' the house for sure!

We had so much fun at VLV!! I cannot wait to go back. We met some nice people too. We were swinging from the rafters for 4 days. I was going bananas at the burlesque showcase (sponsored in part by Bachelor Pad Magazine) and I laughed so hard at the Charles Phoenix slideshow. Jerry Lee Lewis was great and the car show was fun too. The only drawback was our trip to Frankie's Tiki Room. We had been there before because we are into midcentury Polynesian Pop big time and take our tiki bars and exotic cocktails seriously. The afternoon at the bar stunk becsause the bartender was an obnoxious a-hole and was yelling at us and everyone else in the bar, really nasty and not welcoming at all. So much for the calm peaceful environment we were after. If I want a bartender to treat me like garbage I can stay home in Philly, I dont need to fly 3000 miles for the experience. Anyhow, everything else about the trip to VLV was top notch!

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