Wednesday, March 4, 2015

vintage Christmas Santa mugs plus Rudolph

I scored some vintage ceramic Christmas mugs at the estate auction over the summer. They are made in Japan. I had never seen a Rudolph one before so I was extra happy to get these. One little chip on Rudolph's rim does not mar my joy. No siree.

Below is a Santa centerpiece that I made out of random items. I got the ceramic sled at the auction, it was free because it was broken and someone put it in the discard pile, where I always find good stuff. The sled was missing one rail and the other was broken in half, plus Santa had been knocked off of the seat. I glued him back on, glued the sled to a vintage platter and then glued ornaments all around, to cover the broken areas of the rails. Then I put a 50's era corsage into the back of the sled, and viola, retro Christmas decor! Once considered garbage, he now reigns supreme as my dining room centerpiece over the holidays.