Thursday, April 7, 2011

Glorious retro goodies!

Last week I went to a great estate sale. I waited outside in the freezing rain for 40 minutes so I could be one of the first people/fanatics in the door, because I knew 1950s-era barware was going to be for sale. This strategy served me well but if I had been there about 5 minutes earlier I would have scored a 1950s lamp with a fiberglass shade. Rats! However, I did get some good barware but I need to clean it before showing it off. Everything in the house was filthy. Here are some of my goodies:

A sock monkey that has been soaked in oxy clean for 4 days and now looks snazzy and nice. At the sale a woman approached me and said, "Thank you for saving that sock monkey from the landfill." I assured her that he was going to a good home. I felt like my purchase was sanctioned by the estate sale gods since a total stranger was admiring the monkey.
A pretty glass jar filled with a lovely lid. It came with nasty old cotton balls inside, which I threw out after taking the photo. Close up shot of the lid below.

 Below are old party paper plates and some paper coasters and some napkins. They are actually bright white but my photo, taken in my basement clean-up area,  makes them look awful. The ones in the upper left are dated 1957 and have WOODY WOODPECKER on them, so to my mind that is unquestionably awesome. YES! Now I need to have a party! Or just an excuse to have some cake. And a cocktail.

 The package of napkins below comes with small matchbooks so you can be the hostess with the mostest!
A better view.

 Glittery glass candle holders and small ceramic deer. I cannot resist anything that involves glitter and Christmas all in one. HUZZAH!
 Pack of bridge score cards with cute graphics and box of holiday decorations.
A better view.

I will showcase my barware once its clean, plus a few other things that need a good scrubbing before they are unveiled in all their retro glory.

Monday, April 4, 2011

A Place in the Sun

The other night I watched A Place in the Sun starring Liz Taylor and Montgomery Clift. This movie is excellent and Liz is beautiful and has the most fabulous wardrobe.  This dress is a sensation!

In the movie Montogomery Clift is a poor lad so he moves to a new town to take a job at his rich uncle's factory, and he starts dating Shelley Winters, who also works at the factory. But then he starts hanging out at his rich uncle's mansion where there are upper crust parties, and he meets Liz Taylor and she dazzles him with her society ways. Then Montgomery is promoted and is on his way up at the factory, and he starts dating Liz and hanging out with the swells and the sky is the limit. That is until Shelley Winters throws a curve ball and drama and intrigue ensue.  Very very good.