Monday, February 18, 2013


Here is a pretty glass necklace that i found at the bottom of a dollar box lot that I bought at an auction. SCORE! This will probably go to Viva with me in March. Also a pretty rose pin made out of some sort of celuloid plastic. FREE!!! Someone left it behind at the auction so I sprang into action. I cannot believe what some people think is garbage. Here is my 1950s aluminum pan which has a pleasing light blue lid and swirly handles that become hotter than hades when I actually use it on the stove. Such are the hazards of vintage kitchenware. my vintage woven beach bag! Frankie and Annette! Beach Blanket Bingo!! The endless summer! Here is my new (well new to me anyhow) terrier shaped purse in delightful red vinyl. Thrift score, found in Lancaster PA. They have a good thrift out there, unlike here in the hamlet in which I dwell. I am thinking of gluing a googly eye onto it to give it more presence and perspective.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My new old stuff

I have been to several local thrift shops and come out empty handed. I always do better at out of town thrifts. Over the summer I got 3 of these these super cool 1950s cups and saucers up on Cape Cod (the third one is in the dishwasher.) I have been on the hunt for this exact set but in yellow and green plaid, since I inherited a partial set of those from my aunt. Imagine my delight to find these in pink! And there were a few dinner plates and bowls all taped together with a $12 price tag. I was stressing in the thrift shop aisle because The Saint was waiting in the car and I knew he'd go bananas if I bought all of the dishes. It was like Sophie's Choice right there in the Salvation Army store. True. So I only got the cups and saucers. Tis better to have thrifted and lost than to have never thrifted at all.
I still have my Xmas stuff up. I got these crocheted carolers at the estate auction. Someone won them and then left them behind, so I pounced. FREE!! They have an innocence that appeals to me. Some poor grannie made these and then her heartless family tossed them into the auction. I placed them near some crocheted snowpeople. I am accumulating crocheted Xmas decor at a rapid pace.
Feast your peepers on this KILLER wool blanket in a pleasing atomic pattern!!! Estate auction score-a-rama!! Keepin' me toasty in retro style after a lengthy session in the washer on a hot cycle. I know that breaks the rules for wool items but I am a fan of hygeine and have Howard Hughes-like germphobe tendencies.
This is a 1940s era print in a carved frame on the living room wall. Auction purchase by The Saint a few years ago. Ignore the camera flash. I swear to you my wall is not that ugly in person.
This is my super duper awesome CASHMERE vintage coat that cost me the mere sum of FIVE DOLLARS! Wow!!! I got this over the summer at an antiques fair. I was so excited! I showed it to everyone and they all said the same thing, namely "what did you want that for?" WHAT? Have my associates no concept of my existence? Its CASHMERE and its VINTAGE and it was FIVE DOLLARS! Obviously I feel the need to shout this in capital letters. Ignore blurryness of photo. Concentrate instead on mouton lamb style collar, which is faux thank goodness.