Friday, September 14, 2012

Bachelor in Paradise

As stated in my last post, the 1961 movie Bachelor in Paradise, starring Bob Hope and Lana Turner, is a slice of 1950s heaven. Great tract houses, cool furnishings, awesome cars, killer clothes and simpler times, ah, simpler times. Bob plays a bachelor author who moves to the suburbs to write a book on housewives. He meets Lana, who is the realtor. Some photos from the movie show the following: people who work in offices wear clothes! No underwear is visible! No flip flops! No short shorts or stretch pants! No sweatpants! I work in an office and believe me, dignity is a thing of the past. Built in bars with TV consoles in your bachelor pad! Awesome car in the driveway!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lana Turner

I am a huge Lana fan and just watched her star with Bob Hope in Bachelor in Paradise. I have to get some photos from my TV screen, the movie is set in what I can only describe as a 1950s heaven. Meanwhile, here's a Lana photo from her role in Keep Your Powder Dry, a 1940s story about WACs. I reviewed this movie in my article on WWII cinema in the July issue of Pin Up Perfection. I wonder if anyone read it.