Wednesday, April 25, 2012

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Viva! Fear and Loathing Part II

This is my plastic souvenir skull mug from Viva. As soon as I saw people with them I knew I had to have one. The lid doesn’t fit too well but the bartender said they were all like that. Oh well. Highlights of Viva: seeing Tempest Storm on the casino floor! Not performing, just gliding across the floor. The Saint saw her walking across the room, this regal and elegant woman in a black gown, escorted by a man in a black suit. She radiated glory, seriously. He pointed at her and said, “Who is that?” I said, “OMG its Tempest Storm!!!” She walked right past me but I was too awestruck to say anything to her. Had I the courage I would have told her that she is a Goddess of the Highest Order. (and I am sure she would have thought I was an idiot.) She is gorgeous and amazing. After the midnite burlesque show (which was a blast!) they said she was going to be signing autographs but she wasn’t at the table when we came out of the show, so considering it was like 2.30 AM we returned to the room since the festivities (read: booze and lack of sleep) were taking their toll at that point. Burlesque show! Fabulous! I did go to the burlesque hall of fame but of course it was closed when I got there in spite of a sign that said it was open Fri from noon to five. Uh, no, it wasn’t open and I was annoyed, frankly. Why advertise at Viva and then be closed? The Saint says people with MBAs do not run all of this weird stuff that I am into so I just have to deal. Deke’s Guitar Geek show, where drummer Sandy Nelson made a special appearance, the crowd went crazy!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Rockstar of Retro

Wow! This man named Cullen Meyer has the world’s most incredible collection of 1950s stuff, Its insane! His apartment is insane! I am going insane from jealousy!  My words cannot describe this place, so here is the link to the Retro Renovation blog, which contains his story:

Monday, April 2, 2012

Viva! Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

The Saint and I are heading to the Viva Las Vegas rockabilly weekend, so I am quite excited and happy. I am packing clothes to wear and cannot fit into most of my nicer vintage duds due to my overeager consumption of baked goods and carbs. Hence the fear and loathing part of the experience. I will never look like a bombshell or a pin up. I just dont want to look like the Michelin man. Make that a nerdy Michelin man with Marcia Brady hair.  In addition we will NOT be going to Frankie's Tiki Room due to the crappy experience we had there last year with the world's rmost hostile and rude bartender (after an expensive cab ride over there and back). Silly me, I thought serving up tiki drinks, chatting with customers and listening to surf guitar all day would be a fun job, but evidently it turns the staff into raging Aholes. My mistake. Anyhow, I am looking forward to some r-n-r and some rock-n roll. Plus I can oogle cute rockabilly boys! And burlesque, how can I forget burlesque! Gonna see me some burlesque shows! And some hot rods! I am bringing alot of film with me to photograph the cars at the car show. I like film, I dislike digital cameras since I am a luddite who wishes it was 1957.