Saturday, March 26, 2011

How it was to be young then

I also got this book at the estate sale. "The Swing Era 1940-1941 How It Was to be Young Then." This book is killer. I would give anything for a time machine. Here are some scenes:
 This is a teenage party in someone's living room.
 This is a scene from a frat house bash. Everyone is in a coat and tie, even the guy chugging. Last frat party I was at no one even had clothes on.
 Ten soldiers married at one time at the USO.
 Cheering on a swing band. I love the snood that woman is wearing and I want shoes just like hers. Oh to be young then. Or to have it be like that now.

Insanity at the estate sale

I hit an estate sale this morning. The ad said they were selling men's vintage clothing. In a perfect world this would mean real 1950s vintage and I could find something for The Saint to wear to VLV. The reality was stinky, nasty old used clothes from this year. Totally disgusting. Gross.  Plus this was the most disorganized and EXPENSIVE sale ever. No price on anything, sellers were clueless, and when they came up with a price the amount was psycho crazy and high. $40 for a random used purse?  Gimme some of what you've been smoking. Seriously. I understand that not everything is going to be $1 but the prices were just insane.
 I did manage to get some nice books and 2 jazz Cds.

 At the estate auction earlier in the week I picked up this pretty compact and lipstick case, plus this little asian figurine. It's missing little chains that go over his shoulders to hoist the baskets but I didnt care. He is going in my 1950s asian theme dining room.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Now playing

 I am listening to Lula Reed, an anthology  called  "I'll Drown in my Tears." First Lady of Chicago R&B. I love 1950s ladies with big voices.  Plus Junior Wells'  "Hoodoo Man Blues."   The cut "Snatch it back and hold it" is my favorite on this album.

Cookin' up the kitsch

More scenes from the kitchen.The birds are salt and pepper shakers. Flea market purchases. Two were orphans but are now part of a happy family on the windowsill. They make me smile everyday.

 Elvis clock. His hips swivel but only when the batteries are brand new.  I love Elvis.
 I got these 2 random pieces of art deco dinnerware at the estate auction last nite. I was inspired by a movie I saw the other nite, from 1939, called Daytime Wife, starring Linda Darnell and Tyrone Power. The plot falls apart toward the end but who cares, its 2 hours of TYRONE POWER (!!!) in an art deco penthouse, and there are gorgeous clothes! Linda Darnell is as cute as a button and her wardrobe is amazing. Anyhow, there is a formal dinner scene in their penthouse, and I was rather impressed. So when these dishes came up at the auction they reminded me of the movie. Luckily I was the only bidder. Now I need an art deco penthouse and a maid. Not to mention the rest of the set.

 The 1930s looking canister is a reproduction from the 1960s, made in Japan. Its both vintage and a repro. I have more pieces from the set but a few have cracks and some don't have lids. They are on standby until I figure out what to do with them. I paid $1 for the set at an auction. No complaints here, no siree.

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Kitschen

Here are some photos of a few of the wall decorations in my kitschy kitchen. I need to clean it before I reveal the whole room in its 1950s atomic glory so these brief shots will have to do for now. First up are the things on the side wall of the oven, which leads to the dining room.
 Framed print of retro Pepsi cola ad, it says Pepsi is the drink of sociable young moderns! I would love to be a sociable young modern in killer cigarette pants, serving sodas to dashing gentlemen in my lair as they play a rousing game of backgammon. Who wouldnt?
Below is a plaque of fine vintage ladies waving as they swoosh by on some sort of carnival ride. Hot pink and rhinestones are always a bonus in my book. There are very few things that cannot be improved by hot pink paint and rhinestones!
 Above said plaque is a framed LP cover, see below. I have framed 1950's era LP covers going around the entire kitchen, inspiring awe from all who visit. Actually the only one who was ever awed and commented on them was the washing machine repair man, who told me I was too young to remember these terrific albums. I would kill for that dress, by the way. I would also kill for a body that would look good in that dress.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ashtrays and a paint by number

Metal ashtrays promoting Gibbons Beer. For a non-smoker I have alot of ashtrays. I do not know why, I just buy. These beauties were a flea market purchase. It would take a stronger gal than I to resist their allure.
Below is a paint by number picture that currently graces my dining room and adds a regal air to the decor. It is hanging straight, my photo is off balance, I assure you. I got a matching set of the man and geisha for 50 cents at the flea. The seller told me he had just sold the frames to some one else and he was afraid he wouldnt be able to sell the paintings.  Little did he know I would be coming by with my 1950s fixation, limitless sense of style and coin purse holding 2 bits. Jubilation for both buyer and seller! I got the frame at an estate sale for $1. I still need another frame for the geisha, who awaits display in the attic.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

NEW Bachelor Pad!

The new thrill-packed issue of Bachelor Pad is here, hot off the presses!! Get your copy today!

New estate sale goodies

Finally a decent estate sale that wasn't filled with modern merchandise. It's getting harder and harder to find things from my chosen eras out in the wild. It seems like everyone remodeled and rebought their household goods in the 1970s or 1990s.  Anyhow, I picked up an unused, never opened Faberge power puff in a box, in the Straw Hat fragrance.  The puff is hot pink, a total bonus!  I also got a small brandy snifter full of tiny vintage glass Christmas balls, many of which were made in Japan. 
I think these are either coasters or ashtrays. I am going to use them as coasters. They are glass with a silver/grey sheen. Rather stylish, I think. Below is a poor bedraggled Merry Christmas dog. He now has a good home and will add a smashing touch to my retro holiday decor.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Estate sale purchases

I hit an estate sale the other day and found this crocheted handbag with round metal zipper pull. There is a pocket mirror inside. Over the weekend I saw a similar bag at the flea market and the seller said it was 1930s era. Don't know if that is true. I also got a damaged art deco picture frame that needs some repairing. It was only 50 cents so I figured I could glue it back together. My photo makes it look worse than it really is.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

new vintage handbag

I am the Doc Severinson of handbags. I have tons of them and am constantly using a different one. The Saint let me run into the thrift store while we were out on Sunday and I scored this ace bag. Black velvet with tortoise shell plastic handles. The photo does not do it justice. The brand is "Garay." Looks very Mad Men to me.