Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ashtrays and a paint by number

Metal ashtrays promoting Gibbons Beer. For a non-smoker I have alot of ashtrays. I do not know why, I just buy. These beauties were a flea market purchase. It would take a stronger gal than I to resist their allure.
Below is a paint by number picture that currently graces my dining room and adds a regal air to the decor. It is hanging straight, my photo is off balance, I assure you. I got a matching set of the man and geisha for 50 cents at the flea. The seller told me he had just sold the frames to some one else and he was afraid he wouldnt be able to sell the paintings.  Little did he know I would be coming by with my 1950s fixation, limitless sense of style and coin purse holding 2 bits. Jubilation for both buyer and seller! I got the frame at an estate sale for $1. I still need another frame for the geisha, who awaits display in the attic.

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