Saturday, February 4, 2017

Hello to whoever is reading this, long time no blog posts. But I've decided to start blogging about old junk and vintage items again. No one blogs anymore, they heyday of the blog has come and gone, but I am a rule breaker by nature so here we go.  I've gotten some good retro finds, stuff so good it would be a shame to hide it from the world. I've been hittin' the flea markets, auctions and thrift shops like there's no tomorrow. The first thing is the cute 1950s era napkin holder with little starbursts. My photo does not do it justice, no siree. It reigns supreme in my kitchen.

When said napkin holder is empty it will be refilled with these glorious pink paper napkins. PINK!!!! I have never seen such wonder before, my grocery store only sells white napkins but these are in a never opened bag and I found 'em at the thrift store. Made my day and then some!! Although for a thrift store they charged me a pretty penny if truth be told. But I had to have them.

Super cool abstract aqua planter. It was destiny I tell you!!

1950s era ceramic flamingo figurine, made in Japan. I got this at the estate auction and had to pay a small fortune and vanquish several other rabid bidders. I overpaid but in retrospect (get it, RETROspect???) I am pleased with my decision to pursue the purchase. I do not say no to the pink flamingo.

WWII era glass Christmas ornaments with cardboard tops and paper hangers due to wartime scarcity. They are in a vintage hammered aluminum ice bucket that was only 49cents at the thrift shop since it was lacking a lid. I did not quibble since it is awesome. Is there any question??

Vintage issue of Modern Screen with La Liz, there is some staining on the cover but La Liz is luminous and the price was right!