Tuesday, June 28, 2011


As the New York Dolls once sang, "TRASH!!" That brings us to my bottlecap embellished trashcan. There are some marbles thrown in for good measure. Luckily, or perhaps unluckily depending on your point of view, my male associates drink alot of beer so I have unlimited access to colorful caps, which I incorporate into all manner of recycled objects d' art. Bring a touch of the frat house into your very own home!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Electric Kool Aid Acid Test!

The swingin' 60s summed up in one screamin' Hawaiian shirt and matching dress. Summer of Love tiki action! Auction score! No one bid against me and I was ridiculed by both the auctioneer and the crowd. But I have thick skin and know that scorn means more kool goodies will be left for little old moi at ye old auction house. Open the window, you will  hear me yelling triumphantly about this score! Genuine made in Hawaii garments. Shirt is too big for me but I look super Jackie O Mad Men in the dress. WOWEE ZOWEE I need a mai tai! And an iron from the looks of these photos. (and probably some medication because I just re-read this post and I sound like a maniac.)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Oven trouble, Geishas and More!

Well, no sooner did I shoot my mouth off to cyberspace about the glory of my chrome double oven, wouldn't you know it broke! Fixing it involved some heartache and pain, one call to the GE headquarters to order a costly heating element from 1963, 2 different repairmen coming to the house a total of three times, plus a ton of money. But now it works! WOOHOO! One of the repairmen looked at the bar I have set up in the kitchen with old cocktail shakers and stuff and said, "You must drink alot." 
Anyhow, back to the junk report: I scored 2 ceramic geisha figurines at the auction this week. Made in Japan. No makers mark. Not that I care about brands, I just like to know about things and their origins.
One so-called "funeral basket" in an exciting, life-affirming shade of aqua with a green tone.   It is gracing the porch, stuffed with faux florals.  I had been wanting one of these but they are always either falling apart or too expensive. Finally I prevailed. Hopefully it looks shaby chic and not like we are holding services inside.
 Two sewing patterns from 1942. Behold.