Monday, December 19, 2011

Atomic Holiday Splendor

My silver aluminum tree in all its glory. The stand rotates and plays music. I have a color wheel but didnt get it set up yet. This photo does not do the tree justice. It shines like crazy.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Recent finds

Estate sale this week:  One 1950s Xmas tablecloth that has a date with OxyClean later today, one box of unused 1960s greeting cards, 2 ceramic coconut tiki drink mugs with palm tree stirrers from Cabin John's in Chesapeake City Md., one silk scarf and 2 strands of vintage beads. Woo hoo!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

My vintage kitschen

A few posts ago I displayed my 1963 chrome double oven. Here are a few more shots of my retro kitchen. The walls are mint green, the countertops are turquoise flecked with black and gold. (see previous post for close-up of countertop underneath BPM issue.) We painted the cabinets white and had the new flooring put down. When we bought the house and I saw this kitchen I nearly passed out. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Plus there was a PINK dishwasher but we had to replace it, I am still bearing a heavy mental burden from that. The stove is a countertop model so I cant install a vintage freestanding one but I guess I cant complain given the rest of the room. The Saint has given me the go-ahead to paint the fridge some sort of insane color but i need to clear the decks of other projects before I can get to that. I made the curtains out of repro barkcloth. This is my favorite room in the house because I can go bananas in here with all of my retro stuff. I feel like its 1958 when I am in this room and I love it. Ive got tiki mugs on the stove and my percolator also.  I use it everyday.
 Framed LP covers all around the top of the walls. Pink Fuzzy dice on oven.

 I inherited this table and chairs and the set is literally my favorite possession since it belonged to my aunt whom I worshiped and adored. She had a 100 percent authentic 1950s apartment filled with all of the things I am trying to recreate/reclaim now since I spent some of the happiest hours of my life there.

Birthday Burlesque and Black Friday Score!

For my birthday a few weeks ago the Saint and I went to see a local burlesque troupe, the Peek a Boo Revue, who were performing with Satan's Angel, a performer from the heydey of burlesque, who is also known as the Queen of the Flaming Tassels. I had a blast! I enjoyed the show and the flaming tassels must be seen to be believed. Satan's Angel doesnt take it all off, she does a dance routine and  does a trick with her fabric cape, she spins it around so it looks like she is inside of a spinning cylinder, very cool.
All this talk of burlesque reminds me that the new issue of Bachelor Pad Magazine is out, feast your eyes below:

Now, onto Black Friday. I am not a Black Friday shopper but the Saint and I were out of town to visit relatives and we decided to head to the grocery store. There was a Goodwill across the street from the grocery store and the sign said "Black Friday Sale: Everything 50 off." I started campaigning to go to the shop. We were in foreign territory and who knows what kind of splendor could lurk inside this thrift shop? And at half off! Plus, when would I ever get to shop there again? We were 250 miles from home. The Saint was driving so  I had to do a little begging and he agreed that I could do a quick pop-in. So what did I find? This AWESOME vintage overcoat for, are you ready, $8!!!!!!!! That was the half off price. And, drumroll please,  I look terrific in this coat! It fits! Its black and royal blue wool. The faux fur collar is a bit much but it snaps off. I am so excited about this score. I doesnt have any tags inside so I dont know who made it. I havent found anything vintage in a thrift shop in ages so I am psyched.