Thursday, May 14, 2015

retro glassware and carnival glass finds

Now that the warm weather is here I have been out hunting for junk, I mean fine antiquities. I scored some 1950s glasses with a great gold and black design, and some AWESOME smiley face glasses, which I have been wanting ever since the dishwasher faded the designs on the set I had as a child, These are out there in the wild but the sellers always want a huge sum of money for them. These were cheap thank goodness. I also scored some nice carnival glass at the thrift shop, which pretty much blew my mind since the thrifts around here are really lousy.

Who wouldn't want a cocktail after seeing these??

I also got this cute little book from 1925, its adorable!


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

vintage Christmas Santa mugs plus Rudolph

I scored some vintage ceramic Christmas mugs at the estate auction over the summer. They are made in Japan. I had never seen a Rudolph one before so I was extra happy to get these. One little chip on Rudolph's rim does not mar my joy. No siree.

Below is a Santa centerpiece that I made out of random items. I got the ceramic sled at the auction, it was free because it was broken and someone put it in the discard pile, where I always find good stuff. The sled was missing one rail and the other was broken in half, plus Santa had been knocked off of the seat. I glued him back on, glued the sled to a vintage platter and then glued ornaments all around, to cover the broken areas of the rails. Then I put a 50's era corsage into the back of the sled, and viola, retro Christmas decor! Once considered garbage, he now reigns supreme as my dining room centerpiece over the holidays.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The pink Christmas tree

Here is my hot pink Christmas tree, its about 4 feet tall and came with small lights installed, since its new not vintage.  I have it decorated with vintage glass ornaments and a few small old birds that clip onto the branches.

Below are some handmade beaded ornaments in an old pressed glass bowl. The bowl is from an estate auction and I picked up the ornaments here and there at flea markets and estate sales. Over the holidays people freaked out over these ornaments, while the pink tree was roundly ignored. Go figure, I think its a showstopper myself.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Breakin all the Rules!

My dad emailed me this photo, it was titled "Breakin all the rules!"  I love it!