Sunday, July 14, 2013

1950s lamps! Some additional items and a warning!!

I scored some great 50s lamps at the flea market. I am so excited about them! The first, a dual shade floor lamp (excuse dark photography) was very reasonably priced at the outset, considering that many 1950s items are commanding insane prices these days. I cannot wait for that trend to end, but that's another story. Anyhow, upon spying these lamps at the flea I had to have a conference with the Saint regarding (a) would he kill me if I bought them and (b) would they fit into the small convertible we were driving. (I swear he chose that car for the flea on purpose so I couldn't buy much). While said conference was in session the lamp seller came over the volunteered a LOWER PRICE!!! I couldn't get the money out fast enuf, believe me! WOOHOO!!!
Then, a while later I stumbled upon another seller with a pair of these little cuties, complete with double-tiered fiberglass shades, for sale at a totally reasonable price.  Not cheap, but reasonable. So I bought these too. Behold, on the radiator box in front of my retro fiberglass drapes. Now I have to find a place for the other one.
Below are some small goodies that I picked up recently.  A Jadite sugar bowl, a steal b/c it has a crack in the lid, but no one is gonna see it but me, and I can hardly see the crack so I consider this something of a vintage item "Win". I also got an aqua and white plastic napkin holder and an unopened (now opened and in use) pack of dinner napkins from the 1950s. The brand was "FUTURA." How deluxe is that??? I also got a little bird planter, a tiki mug (Orchids of Japan in case any purists are reading this). Also a McCoy planter that has a crack in it. It was free, a woman won it at the estate auction and when she saw the crack she didn't want it so she said I could have it.  Like Im gonna say no to a turquoise planter, I mean really. 

Some vintage tins on display in the bathroom.

Now, a word of WARNING. If you ever find yourself going to Rehoboth Beach, Del, avoid this hotel like the plague: The Breakers. I have never been to a bigger sh*thole in my life. Total nightmare. Long story, this is where the wedding guests were imprisoned for a wedding I had to go to, and in my deluxe vintage inspired dress, no less. (see previous post for info on dress)  Words cannot describe the indignity! The dress was a hit, by the way, Considering just about all the women there were dressed like strippers ( regardless of age, I must add) my modest dress created quite a stir. I collected a slew of compliments. back to my original point, with regard to this hotel, sleep in your car, sleep in the gutter, sleep anywhere but this dump.