Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Auction scores and 1950s dining room

Below are two groovy items that I procured at an auction. Ceramic poodle decanter and awesome aqua camera. Its called a Sabre 620 and it has the orignal box. I dont know if it works because I dont have the film for it.
Here are some random scenes of my retro dining room. The asian theme 1950s era furnature is from my local antique mall. The drawer pulls are brass medallions with an oriental look, I will have to get a close-up photo of those. The boat lamp is from my neighbors yard sale. He was selling the contents of his late brother's house and made me swear that I was going to keep everything I bought and not resell it. Pack rat that I am, that was an easy answer. ( I also bought a chenille bedspread and some other linens from him.)
 The little read asian boy and girl figurines on the right are from the flea market. $1 for the pair because one of the heads was broken off. A little glue and they are as good as new. There is a small blue/green foo dog figurine in front of them. The green genie figurine is from the auction, and the KILLER lamp is from an estate sale, I could not sleep the nite before because I knew this lamp was going to be on sale.  I got up at the crack of dawn and waited on the front steps of the house in the rain for an hour. I was the only person who arrived early. When the estate liquidator arrived she was shocked to find me there and I told her I had to get that lamp. so she let me in and said I could get it before the sale started because such determination (read: insanity) had to be rewarded. So when I grabbed the lamp there was a silver aluminum Xmas tree there and I got that too.
Below are a set of vintage pictures, also in the dining room. Flea market purchase, no drama involved.

Friday, February 10, 2012

1950s end tables are ALL MINE

Cue maniacal laughter!  These 1950s atomic tables now belong to me, me, me, ME!! Auction score! This photo is from the auction house, showing the tables before they went up for sale. These fine retro items are in the trunk of my car awaiting reassembly in their new home. I am pretty pleased, yessirree. I have no idea why this photo is so small but you get the idea of their fabulousness.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

canisters of coolness

Here is a close up of my pink metal kitchen canister set, backed by  barkcloth curtains that I made. This canister set cost $1 at the flea market and was covered in FILTH. I scrubbed it like there was no tomorrow so it could bring splendor to my countertop. And it does, oh yes. The tops are copper.

Auction scores!

I did really well at the last 2 estate auctions I attended. Here are my new goodies:
 I was so excited to find some 1950s era dishes, woohoo! Below on the right--I got about half of a set of these 1950s dishes. I say only half because the other half were broken so I didnt bring them home. They go well with my Taylorstone Cathay pattern dishes, on the left, which I use daily. I have a whole set of those. Actually  I have enough china to host a dinner party for 100 people. I am a china hoarder. I cannot resist pretty patterns or retro designs at a good price.

Below is a super cool sugar bowl and an orphan glass, I am a sucker for orphaned 1950s beverage glasses, I give them all a good home. I wonder if the sugar bowl has any matching pieces out there somewhere. I will be on the lookout but I must say I have never seen this pattern/design before anywhere.

Below is a flamingo treat server, new, for the summer on the patio. I cannot resist anything involving a pink flamingo. I also got 4 matching napkin holders. The server is much brighter and hot pink, my photo makes it look a tad lackluster.

Behold, my awesome brown wool vintage purse with lucite clasps. And get this, no one bid against me. I was thrilled!!! I will be stylin' and profilin' with this bag.
 I also scored this NEVER WORN 1960s era wool overcoat for The Saint. Its gorgeous, so Mad Men. Its from a now-defunct ritzy mens shop.  He wore it to work the other day, I thought I was going to pass out he looked so nice in it.