Friday, October 3, 2014

vintage kitchenware goodies

I scored some vintage milk glass items at the estate auction this week. A pie pan and a mixing bowl with excellent aqua embellishments, ooohhhhh! Now I need to bake something, maybe over the weekend I can whip up some scones. I like scones. Who doesnt?

Lidded divided Pyrex dish in the garland pattern. The dish is shallow so it doesnt hold alot and I am not sure what I will use it for, but I had to have it! I am not a pyrex obsessive, I really dont care about brands, I just like items with panache no matter what their provenance. This caught my eye and I threw down some bids at the auction.

vintage tiki mug from Bob Lee's Islander!!!! AHOY!!! I real score for an east coast gal such as myself. Make mine a mai tai!!! I also got a ceramic measuring spoon holder in a joyous flower shape. It has a chip in the back but I dont care, no one will know but me, and whenever I see these for sale they never have the spoons or are missing some. This was intact and basically free since it came in a boxed lot of stuff that I got at the auction.

Super duper fab tiki tropical placemats with little shells as flowers, meals are extra special now! Even if they come from a can!