Thursday, March 8, 2012

Luscious Lusterware Lamps! and more...

The estate auction I attend is not for sissies. It is held outdoors in all sorts of hellish weather and then moves inside where its either freezing cold or roasting hot depending on the seasons. Last week I dressed like a fisherman in a Nor'easter because it was outside in the pouring rain. Otherwise I dress like a lumberjack for the winter sales. So my fortitude and expert umbrella rangling were rewarded when I scored these 1950s lusterware lamps. A matching pair but with slight differences. I need to rewire them and find somewhere to put them here at the pad. They need shades, which presents a dilemma of sorts because cool shades are like nonexistent, man,  I did not score pneumonia at the auction but I have to admit I was a bit worried about being out in the cold rain. I am a retro lamp addict and I say that proudly. Usually cool retro stuff is hard to come by at the auction so I have been lucky lately. Usually I just buy anything that I can turn into cash to support my friend's dog rescue.

 This is an old paint by number that I got at an estate sale. Looks lovely on my porch.