Sunday, December 15, 2013

Retro Christmas!

When I am lucky enough to find vintage holiday decorations at the thrift shop or estate auction they are often damaged, so I do some makeshift repairs and tweaking to save them from the trash heap. Actually at the auction they have a "discard pile" where people put stuff that they won but do not want, usually because they bought a boxed lot containing multiple items and only wanted one or 2 things. At the end of the auction the discard pile goes into the dumpster, so trash-pickers like me, oh wait I mean astute and creative people of vision and foresight, rummage thru the pile and grab useful stuff. I take anything I can use or repair to keep, donate to the thrift or sell on ebay to support my friend's dog rescue group. Below are some vintage holiday items that I repaired and added some flourishes to.
Here are some pink bells with silver holly leaves, I had to flatten out the leaves and reinforce them with cardboard on the  back. I removed some filthy pink ribbon and added vintage pink and grey striped paper curling ribbon and I added a silver cord hanger. This is now floating above the bar in my kitchen. Nuthin' says Xmas like pink and silver!!
 Here are a trio of 1950s era decorations, I found the Santa candle holder (Japan) at the thrift yesterday. The aluminum tree topper, which needed to be flattened out, was embellished with a few light reflectors and a bulb to give the illusion that electricity is involved. This will go on my silver aluminum tree, which I will put up later today, The Santa music box had to have the base fixed then I added tinsel for extra panache. Made in Japan in the 50s it still works!
  Below is a funky wreath made entirely of discarded items. I will be hanging it outside once the temps get above freezing today.

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Friday, December 13, 2013

Small Town Girl starring Jane Powell

Last nite I watched Jane Powell starring with Farley Granger in the 1950s musical Small Town Girl. It was just what the doctor ordered after a hellish day of work. Innocent, simpler times, where people hung out at the five and dime lunch counter and went to ice cream socials in the town square. No one wore sweatpants to the store. People dressed up. They drove great cars too.  Farley is a wealthy spoiled man who gets a speeding ticket while driving recklessly through a small town.  Jane's dad is the judge and he puts Farley in jail for 30 days.  Hilarity and many songs and dances ensue.  Will Farley get out of jail? Will he dump his fiancĂ©, played by Ann Miller, and run off with Jane?  The movie has great dresses, the women in the movie wore the best dresses ever, I was flipping out. Plus the colors were bright and vibrant, they don't make em like this anymore.