Friday, September 20, 2013

Danger Will Robinson Danger Danger!

Why is my blog called Danger Will Robinson? This is why:

High School Confidential!

The other nite The Saint and I watched High School Confidential, from 1958, which we enjoyed.

Its full of 1950s era awesomeness, such as Jerry Lee Lewis!

Seriously amazing cars!

Incredible interiors! Was there ever a cooler pad?

Leopard print bathing suits, I am flipping out! (and trying to ignore star Russ Tambyn's skimpy suit. Where's Troy Donahue when you need him?)

Pin striping on the glove compartment, yes sirree!
 (watch out, there's reefer inside, and "weedheads" are wanting "to blast on some reefer," in this cinematic tale of morality gone wrong.)

Drag racing! Hot rods!

And Mamie Van Doren, or course!  Putting the V in VaaVoom, of course! No body does a body better than Mamie.

New 1950s lamp awesomeness!!

Behold, my latest purchase, this delightful Asian themed lamp! I got it at an antiques shop in Adamstown Pa. I could not believe my peepers when I saw the price, it was unbelievably reasonable, especially since cool retro lamps have been commanding insanely exorbitant prices these days. The lamp did not come with a shade, perhaps that is why it was reasonably priced. I wanted to buy the lamp immediately but The Saint said NO. I was crestfallen. He said I needed to explain why I needed this unbelievably killer item and I had to make a plan as to where it would go in the house. And where would I get a shade, he inquired. I was left speechless. We left the shop and went to lunch, where I sulked (a lot)  and then came up with an argument in favor of buying the lamp. Seriously, it was like oral argument before the Supreme Court. I was exhausted from all the thinking I had to do to come up with legitimate reasons other than "its cool I want it." Anyhow, I won my case and we returned to the shop and I claimed this baby and brought it home to its rightful place in my retro 50s Asian themed dining room. Luckily I had purchased a spare shade at the flea market a few weeks before. Whew!! I also had to take a smaller lamp out of the rotation to make room for this one.