Friday, September 20, 2013

New 1950s lamp awesomeness!!

Behold, my latest purchase, this delightful Asian themed lamp! I got it at an antiques shop in Adamstown Pa. I could not believe my peepers when I saw the price, it was unbelievably reasonable, especially since cool retro lamps have been commanding insanely exorbitant prices these days. The lamp did not come with a shade, perhaps that is why it was reasonably priced. I wanted to buy the lamp immediately but The Saint said NO. I was crestfallen. He said I needed to explain why I needed this unbelievably killer item and I had to make a plan as to where it would go in the house. And where would I get a shade, he inquired. I was left speechless. We left the shop and went to lunch, where I sulked (a lot)  and then came up with an argument in favor of buying the lamp. Seriously, it was like oral argument before the Supreme Court. I was exhausted from all the thinking I had to do to come up with legitimate reasons other than "its cool I want it." Anyhow, I won my case and we returned to the shop and I claimed this baby and brought it home to its rightful place in my retro 50s Asian themed dining room. Luckily I had purchased a spare shade at the flea market a few weeks before. Whew!! I also had to take a smaller lamp out of the rotation to make room for this one.

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