Friday, September 20, 2013

High School Confidential!

The other nite The Saint and I watched High School Confidential, from 1958, which we enjoyed.

Its full of 1950s era awesomeness, such as Jerry Lee Lewis!

Seriously amazing cars!

Incredible interiors! Was there ever a cooler pad?

Leopard print bathing suits, I am flipping out! (and trying to ignore star Russ Tambyn's skimpy suit. Where's Troy Donahue when you need him?)

Pin striping on the glove compartment, yes sirree!
 (watch out, there's reefer inside, and "weedheads" are wanting "to blast on some reefer," in this cinematic tale of morality gone wrong.)

Drag racing! Hot rods!

And Mamie Van Doren, or course!  Putting the V in VaaVoom, of course! No body does a body better than Mamie.

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