Thursday, February 2, 2012

Auction scores!

I did really well at the last 2 estate auctions I attended. Here are my new goodies:
 I was so excited to find some 1950s era dishes, woohoo! Below on the right--I got about half of a set of these 1950s dishes. I say only half because the other half were broken so I didnt bring them home. They go well with my Taylorstone Cathay pattern dishes, on the left, which I use daily. I have a whole set of those. Actually  I have enough china to host a dinner party for 100 people. I am a china hoarder. I cannot resist pretty patterns or retro designs at a good price.

Below is a super cool sugar bowl and an orphan glass, I am a sucker for orphaned 1950s beverage glasses, I give them all a good home. I wonder if the sugar bowl has any matching pieces out there somewhere. I will be on the lookout but I must say I have never seen this pattern/design before anywhere.

Below is a flamingo treat server, new, for the summer on the patio. I cannot resist anything involving a pink flamingo. I also got 4 matching napkin holders. The server is much brighter and hot pink, my photo makes it look a tad lackluster.

Behold, my awesome brown wool vintage purse with lucite clasps. And get this, no one bid against me. I was thrilled!!! I will be stylin' and profilin' with this bag.
 I also scored this NEVER WORN 1960s era wool overcoat for The Saint. Its gorgeous, so Mad Men. Its from a now-defunct ritzy mens shop.  He wore it to work the other day, I thought I was going to pass out he looked so nice in it.

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