Sunday, December 4, 2011

My vintage kitschen

A few posts ago I displayed my 1963 chrome double oven. Here are a few more shots of my retro kitchen. The walls are mint green, the countertops are turquoise flecked with black and gold. (see previous post for close-up of countertop underneath BPM issue.) We painted the cabinets white and had the new flooring put down. When we bought the house and I saw this kitchen I nearly passed out. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Plus there was a PINK dishwasher but we had to replace it, I am still bearing a heavy mental burden from that. The stove is a countertop model so I cant install a vintage freestanding one but I guess I cant complain given the rest of the room. The Saint has given me the go-ahead to paint the fridge some sort of insane color but i need to clear the decks of other projects before I can get to that. I made the curtains out of repro barkcloth. This is my favorite room in the house because I can go bananas in here with all of my retro stuff. I feel like its 1958 when I am in this room and I love it. Ive got tiki mugs on the stove and my percolator also.  I use it everyday.
 Framed LP covers all around the top of the walls. Pink Fuzzy dice on oven.

 I inherited this table and chairs and the set is literally my favorite possession since it belonged to my aunt whom I worshiped and adored. She had a 100 percent authentic 1950s apartment filled with all of the things I am trying to recreate/reclaim now since I spent some of the happiest hours of my life there.

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