Monday, March 21, 2011

The Kitschen

Here are some photos of a few of the wall decorations in my kitschy kitchen. I need to clean it before I reveal the whole room in its 1950s atomic glory so these brief shots will have to do for now. First up are the things on the side wall of the oven, which leads to the dining room.
 Framed print of retro Pepsi cola ad, it says Pepsi is the drink of sociable young moderns! I would love to be a sociable young modern in killer cigarette pants, serving sodas to dashing gentlemen in my lair as they play a rousing game of backgammon. Who wouldnt?
Below is a plaque of fine vintage ladies waving as they swoosh by on some sort of carnival ride. Hot pink and rhinestones are always a bonus in my book. There are very few things that cannot be improved by hot pink paint and rhinestones!
 Above said plaque is a framed LP cover, see below. I have framed 1950's era LP covers going around the entire kitchen, inspiring awe from all who visit. Actually the only one who was ever awed and commented on them was the washing machine repair man, who told me I was too young to remember these terrific albums. I would kill for that dress, by the way. I would also kill for a body that would look good in that dress.

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