Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cookin' up the kitsch

More scenes from the kitchen.The birds are salt and pepper shakers. Flea market purchases. Two were orphans but are now part of a happy family on the windowsill. They make me smile everyday.

 Elvis clock. His hips swivel but only when the batteries are brand new.  I love Elvis.
 I got these 2 random pieces of art deco dinnerware at the estate auction last nite. I was inspired by a movie I saw the other nite, from 1939, called Daytime Wife, starring Linda Darnell and Tyrone Power. The plot falls apart toward the end but who cares, its 2 hours of TYRONE POWER (!!!) in an art deco penthouse, and there are gorgeous clothes! Linda Darnell is as cute as a button and her wardrobe is amazing. Anyhow, there is a formal dinner scene in their penthouse, and I was rather impressed. So when these dishes came up at the auction they reminded me of the movie. Luckily I was the only bidder. Now I need an art deco penthouse and a maid. Not to mention the rest of the set.

 The 1930s looking canister is a reproduction from the 1960s, made in Japan. Its both vintage and a repro. I have more pieces from the set but a few have cracks and some don't have lids. They are on standby until I figure out what to do with them. I paid $1 for the set at an auction. No complaints here, no siree.

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