Saturday, March 26, 2011

Insanity at the estate sale

I hit an estate sale this morning. The ad said they were selling men's vintage clothing. In a perfect world this would mean real 1950s vintage and I could find something for The Saint to wear to VLV. The reality was stinky, nasty old used clothes from this year. Totally disgusting. Gross.  Plus this was the most disorganized and EXPENSIVE sale ever. No price on anything, sellers were clueless, and when they came up with a price the amount was psycho crazy and high. $40 for a random used purse?  Gimme some of what you've been smoking. Seriously. I understand that not everything is going to be $1 but the prices were just insane.
 I did manage to get some nice books and 2 jazz Cds.

 At the estate auction earlier in the week I picked up this pretty compact and lipstick case, plus this little asian figurine. It's missing little chains that go over his shoulders to hoist the baskets but I didnt care. He is going in my 1950s asian theme dining room.

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