Monday, February 18, 2013


Here is a pretty glass necklace that i found at the bottom of a dollar box lot that I bought at an auction. SCORE! This will probably go to Viva with me in March. Also a pretty rose pin made out of some sort of celuloid plastic. FREE!!! Someone left it behind at the auction so I sprang into action. I cannot believe what some people think is garbage. Here is my 1950s aluminum pan which has a pleasing light blue lid and swirly handles that become hotter than hades when I actually use it on the stove. Such are the hazards of vintage kitchenware. my vintage woven beach bag! Frankie and Annette! Beach Blanket Bingo!! The endless summer! Here is my new (well new to me anyhow) terrier shaped purse in delightful red vinyl. Thrift score, found in Lancaster PA. They have a good thrift out there, unlike here in the hamlet in which I dwell. I am thinking of gluing a googly eye onto it to give it more presence and perspective.

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