Monday, April 4, 2011

A Place in the Sun

The other night I watched A Place in the Sun starring Liz Taylor and Montgomery Clift. This movie is excellent and Liz is beautiful and has the most fabulous wardrobe.  This dress is a sensation!

In the movie Montogomery Clift is a poor lad so he moves to a new town to take a job at his rich uncle's factory, and he starts dating Shelley Winters, who also works at the factory. But then he starts hanging out at his rich uncle's mansion where there are upper crust parties, and he meets Liz Taylor and she dazzles him with her society ways. Then Montgomery is promoted and is on his way up at the factory, and he starts dating Liz and hanging out with the swells and the sky is the limit. That is until Shelley Winters throws a curve ball and drama and intrigue ensue.  Very very good.

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