Thursday, May 12, 2011

LURED, a movie from 1947

Last night I screened the movie "Lured" on TCM, its from England, made in 1947. Directed by Hunt Stromberg. Lucille Ball plays a detective on the hunt for a serial killer who lures his victims through personal as in the newspaper. This movie was excellent, it had alot of plot twists, suspense, drama, mystery, romance, and of course MURDER. Boris Karloff has a cameo appearance in this. Lucille Ball was very good in the role and she had terrific 1940s era fashions. Could the killer be her fiance????? Ohhh, suspense! Plus, the plot hinged on obscure literary references, which you certainly aren't getting in films today.
The film noir style opening scenes show a flashlight illuminating the credits, which are on a wall in the requisite dark alley.
Lucille and her friend sport great dresses at a dance.
 Lucille Ball is lovely in this movie, she looks radiant in every scene.

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