Monday, May 2, 2011

Oldies and goodies

I attend a weekly estate auction. This week I bid on a travel alarm clock and when I won the auctioneer ended up giving me a pile of old linens along with the clock. In the pile there were several a old, yellowed, lace-trimmed pillowcases that still have their original label and ribbon tie. Here is one of them, along with a little crocheted purse. It has a pink satin lining. I am going to toss all of these things into oxy clean and see if I can get the staining out.

I also got an old movie magazine and book on the movies. The book has photos of alot of obscure silent films and pre-code movies so I am very interested in tracking these down if possible. Plus I love the costumes and wardrobes. Everything and everyone was so glamorous. No one is in sweatpants.

 That;s Virginia Mayo above.

 Glamorous parties and dinners are featured. Thats Norma Shearer on the bottom left.

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