Monday, May 9, 2011

Esther Williams

They have been showing some Esther Williams movies on the Turner Classic Movies channel, so the other night I watched her in Easy to Wed, from 1946. The plot isnt that great but the visuals are excellent. Great fashions and home furnishings. No water ballet in this one, but there are a few musical numbers. Here are some shots of great dresses. Below is a swim suit bikini. Very Lana Turner.

 Lucille Ball in a gorgeous wedding dress. Gotta have good abs to wear draping on the abdomen.
 Lucious pink gown with matching bag. The bag has gold fringe.
 Close-up of the pink gown. Love the hair! I could spend a week in the stylist's chair and my hair would still look Marcia Brady flat.
 Cute party dresses below.

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