Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pin Up Style going mainstream This is the link to a NY Times article in today's paper on the growing trendiness of pin up girl fashions. Im not sure if you can see the article w/o having a password to the paper. But anyhow its point is that Battie Page Clothing Co. is doing well and the style of the rockabilly gal is moving to the forefront, being embraced by young women who like the 1950s. Personally I hate it when my obscure interests become mainstream, or more mainstream. But the upside is that when the trendies lose interest and dump all of their dresses at the thrift shop I can sweep in and buy them.

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  1. I think they bring up a few good points with regards to personal body perception.

    Though I mostly agree that I hate that my personal style will soon be considered more "main stream" and conversely love that all those great clothing items will flood thrift shops in a few months.