Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Flea market season in full swing

Flea market season is in full swing and I bought a few things this past weekend. I got these great melmac dishes with matching tray, made by Stetsonware. Snacks are bound to taste better when served out of these bowls. YES!! I also got an aqua divided serving bowl which I have soaking to get all of the filth off of it. Alas, many a merchant sells things "as is." I dont mind because I expect that clean items would cost more. I cannot resist stuff in pink and aqua!!! Why have we as a society turned our backs on this color scheme? I do not like the current trend toward earth tones. Blah, so drab. Anyhow, I also SCORED this vintage ceramic tiki mug from the Hawaii Kai restaurant. The mug was made by Jard Products in Japan. This is a total score for Pennsylvania because there are very few tiki souveniers to be found here, unlike in California. PA is a tiki free zone for the most part. This pains me because I am a bona fide dyed in the wool Polynesian Pop disciple who is obsessed with retro tiki culture. I need more tiki, more money and power and a 1960s Shelby Cobra in case you were wondering.


  1. Nice score on the Hawaii Kai mug. I've got one in my collection.

  2. yay Hawaii Kai! Good score and I actually don't have that--I know don't pass out.