Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Viva CD purchases and Auction report April 2012

Here are 4 of the CDs I got a Viva: 2 volumes of Rare Blues Girls on King; Rockin’ on Acorn-Regent Vol. 1, which features excellent 1950s r&b, blues and gospel tunes; and Hands Off! The 1950-1956 Modern Studio recordings of Dolly Cooper, Zola Taylor, Helen Humes, Donna Hightower and Linda Peters. I have been listening to Rockin’ on Acorn-Regent around the clock, it is excellent. I got about 6 more Cds at Viva, these cats from England were selling them and they gave me good advice on what to choose. As for the estate auction, pickins have been slim lately but I did get this cute turquoise percolator and a set of pink Asian figurines. My photo makes them look dull, they are pretty pink. Hey, Im a junker, not a photographer.

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