Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tiki Bar build and flea finds

This is a photo of my basement, where th e walls have been rebuilt and covered with waterproofing cement by the basement waterproofing people I hired. You can see, amidst the horror and pain and water flow meter, where I am coating the walls with a specialized sealant. The color is "sesame" and will compliment the tiki bar I am goin g to set up when this one-woman project is completed. This is going to take a while but I am psyched because when Im done with the sealing ( 2 coats heaven help me) I am gonna go bananas and set up a mid century polynesian paradise and showcase all of my vintage stuff. I am talking bamboo, thatch, tiki mugs, tikis, etc. Forget man cave, this is the gal's retro hideaway. Stay tuned if anyone actually reads any of this. Also, below are my most recent flea market finds. One 1950s beaded cardigan that fits, huzzah! and one grey crocheted handbag with lucite clasp. It came with a little card inside that says Women's Club of New Rochelle, Mrs. Raymond F. Martin, May 31, 1948. I have also been to three different Goodwills and come out empty handed. I do so much better at the flea.


  1. Can't wait to see how the tiki-bar-retro-cave turns out! (yes someone is reading :-))
    The sweater and handbag are both gorg and they look nice together! Bonus!