Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cookin' in the past

I procured some old cookbooks on my last trip to the flea market. Of course the covers fell off as soon as I got them home.  I got Baker's Famous Chocolate Recipes, from 1936. I've probably gained five pounds just from eyeing up all the fantastic desserts. Next is the Health for Victory Meal Planning Guide from 1944. The recipes tell you how to deal with food rationing during WWII.
 Below is The Lunch Box Cookbook from 1955. I also got a booklet called How to Do Your Wash Automatically , from 1940 by the Bendix Co. I didnt know they had automatic washers as early as 1940. They must have been quite an expensive luxury. Lots of photos of happy houswives, plus a discussion of typical varieties of dirt and how to remove stains.

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