Tuesday, October 18, 2011

10 Followers! WOWEE ZOWEE and some new purses

I am so excited to learn that I have 10 followers! This is quite an event since I do not know 10 people in real life who share my retro interests. Actually I don't know any who share my retro interests so you can imagine how thrilled I am. However I am unable to see who my followers are, I can't see anyone else's followers on other blogs and I can't see the follow button on other blogs that I would like to follow. These functions just disappeared one day. Can anyone tell me what to do about this? I do not have any computer skills so I have no idea what to do.
I am the Doc Severinson of handbags and I found some new ones, below. The beaded one is in the original box, which says La Regale hand made. The bottom of the box says Made in Japan, so I know this is 1950s. The gold bag has a cute shell shaped clasp.

 Below is a gorgeous vintage Avon compact, lipstick case and mini perfume bottle set. All in a black velvet box. Such luxury! I really despise how everything today is cheap plastic. The compact has a mirror, an unused puff and a space for  powder. The lipstick has a used red in it, so I have to put one of my own in there. But since Im not going anywhere fancy there is no hurry.

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