Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Senior Prom 1958

I had a lousy day so the movie Senior Prom from 1958 was just what I needed. It has all of the idealized 1950s era things that I love. Ah, simpler times. Everyone is polite, has a cool car and no one curses. It's prom time at college and that means great party dresses with stilettos, and killer music from Les Elgart (his album Elgart Au Go Go is one of my all time faves), Jose Melin, and Louis Prima and Keeley Smith backed by Sam Butera and the Witnesses. No cheap cover bands for these kids, no way! Everyone is dressed up, drives Thunderbird convertibles or woody wagons and breaks into song at a moments notice. Alot of this was hokey but thats what makes it so fun today. For me, anyhow, The Saint says movies like this must have been made for children, old ladies and losers. Feast your eyes on the party scene below. You cannot see anyone's underwear and no one is in sweatpants.

Great femme fatale outfit below, I aspire to look this bad ass.

Here she is again with Mr. Preppy, who was the bad guy in the movie. Plaid bowtie and cummerbund, great!
 Crowd shot at the prom. All white tuxedos and flat tops, cheering for Louis Prima. I want to jump into this movie and steal all of the dresses.

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  1. Great blog and great post!! I love watching vintage movies for inspiration! I, too, often feel like "jumping into the movie and stealing the dresses!" I also want to steal the hairstyles! Moreover, whenever I hear the dialogue, I wish we as a culture, still talk the way people did back then! Their speech and diction sounds so eloquent and intelligent!