Friday, January 24, 2014

Susan Slade starring Connie Stevens-- Now With Photos

The other nite I watched SUSAN SLADE, a 1961 soap opera type movie, I thought it was excellent. While not high art or a masterpiece of cinema, this movie has great style and reflects a more innocent era, although one that involves a lot of judgmental behavior and social stigmas.   In some ways maybe that's not such a bad thing, if you have even read a newspaper lately or looked out of your window and seen the chaos that is going on out there. We could use some social stigmas, if we had them no one would be wearing sweatpants to the restaurant or to the store or the office. Yes, sadly I said the office, which is now full of flip flops, obscene cleavage and short shorts. I carry a briefcase and a barf bag each day.  Anyhow,  Connie Stevens is Susan, a young woman who's adventurer boyfriend is killed in a mountain climbing accident.  He dies before Susan can tell him that she's pregnant. She is about 18 or so, and now she is going to be an unwed mother. So, many dilemmas come to the surface.  Did adventurer boyfriend, played by Grant Williams (who starred in The Incredible Shrinking Man) really love Susan? Would he have made things right if he survived?  How will Susan cope? Luckily her wealthy parents can shield her from dishonor and they do so at their incredible seaside estate. Will she ever be able to date Troy Donahue, the hot stable boy at the ranch, or smarmy Bert Convey, who wears ascots and jodhpurs? I loved the style of this movie, great dresses and great houses on the California coast. Cute boys too. I also liked the story, you really like Susan and feel for her, what with all this tragedy all over the place.  What a nightmare it was to get these photos to load.  
Here we have Connie caught in a clinch with lover boy. Uh oh, this wont be good in the long run.

TROY DONAHUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Connie in stylish outfits.

Below is the world's most beautiful dress, a light blue sensation on Connie.

TROY lookin a little weird but trust me he is HOT.

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