Thursday, July 10, 2014

New summer finds at the flea and thrifts

I am back in the blogging saddle again. The horrors of a new computer/old computer dying, plus alot of other crap have gotten in my way of touting my vintage finds. So, here is what's new from the thrifts and fleas:
Big green Pyrex mixing bowl, which I am using all of the time, plus medium size orange Pyrex bowl.

Aqua snowflake Pyrex casserole dish, it doesn't have a lid but that's the least of my problems, plus silver aluminum coffee canister with pink lid, HOLY COW!!!! Its filled with Chock Full O Nuts if you must know.

Beaded bag with bamboo handles and cool floral wooden and fabric bag, I am the Doc Severenson of handbags (Google him.). I used to work with an older guy who called me that, so I placed it into my repertoire.

At the thrift in Florida over Xmas I scored this new with tags (NWT as they say) Bermuda bag with an aqua cover embroidered with hot pink lobsters, how could I resist? I love obnoxious preppy stuff esp. since no one wears it, at least around here they don't. Most people I see are in sloppy sweatpants, sports jerseys and skin tight leggings regardless of thigh circumference.

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