Saturday, January 4, 2014

Susan Slept Here starring Debbie Reynolds

Last nite I watched the mid-1950s movie  "Susan Slept Here," starring Debbie Reynolds and Dick Powell. The plot was really stupid but the film had so much style!  Basically we have a 50 year old Powell playing a 35 year old (not believable, he looks 50), and a 22 year old Debbie playing a 17 year old (totally believable, she is adorable), and they fall in love. Talk about gross, ew, yuck. The film is innocent fun but this May-December romance is really taking things into the realm of the ridiculous, even for a fluff 50s movie.  Debbie's romantic rival for Powell is Anne Francis, who plays a spoiled wealthy starlet, She looks about 19 to be honest so even she is looking ridiculous chasing after Powell.  Anyhow, Powell lives in the most killer bachelor pad and Debbie wears the greatest dresses, her outfits are terrific. The colors in this movie really pop. Here are some scenes:

Awesome sports car!

 Femme Fatale in super dress!

In the 50s when you bought Xmas presents they wrapped them at the store in the most gorgeous paper, evidently. behold.

Swingin' Lair ala Bachelor. Complete with flocked Christmas tree.

Glamour gal!

Fab 50s kitchen in eye-popping lime green, wow! Note she is cooking with Revereware.

Diggeth the fridge and oven with a porthole!

great dresses

THE BEST CATEYE GLASSES EVER!!!!! To say I want these desperately is an understatement!

cute wool dress on Debbie and an adorable shirt

fab strapless dress in the 50s kitchen, just look at that radio.

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