Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Money Trap 1966

Earlier this week I enjoyed The Money Trap, a 1966 noir starring Glenn Ford, Ricardo Montalban, Joseph Cotton, Rita Hayworth and Elke Sommer. This is one of the last noir pictures made, b/c by 1966 the genre was losing popularity. I thought this was a really good movie. I am a huge Glenn Ford fan.  Lots of suspense, cool camera angles, shadow, and a few good beatdowns are administered.   Awesome crime jazz soundtrack as well.  Ford plays a homicide detective who is married to the much younger and much wealthier Elke Sommer, and they live an extravagant lifestyle in a super cool pad. Actually Elke lives an extravagent lifestyle at home while  Glenn is always at work investigating lowlife who have committed murder in hell hole neighborhoods. Because Elke is so hot and all the men are after her, Glenn contemplates a life of crime so he can keep her in the lifestyle to which she has become accustomed. Perhaps this is not a good idea. It may be a very bad idea.

Great opening shots, 2 hardboiled dectectives in the car, off to see a murder scene in the rain. No murders on sunny days, people. Never.

Super amazing house where Glenn lives with Elke and dreads the bill collector.
Elke is working some sort of Zsa Zsa Gabor thing in this movie. Below, Glenn gazes adoringly as Elke  carries a little poodle and informs him that although her stock dividends are ceasing her woman  of leisure lifetstyle will not be, and he had better start earning some coin.
More fabulous parties at the pad, just hangin out poolside in suits and gowns. Glenn, meanwhile, is up to his eyeballs in unsolved murders down at the morgue and has to pound the pavement on the wrong side of the tracks to track the killer. No champagne for Glenn today.
 Investigating crime in seedy ginmills! Dig that gal in the sunglasses!

Rita Hayworth is in this and all I can say is What The Heck Happened????? She's a frump!!!

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