Saturday, December 22, 2012

Happy Retro Xmas!!

Here are some of my retro Xmas goodies. Ive got alot of knee-hugger elves and ceramic pieces, plus The Saint's grandmother's aluminum tree. Below are elves and reindeer.
 More elves, some santas and some religious Xmas figurines.
 This is a cool mobile that I got at the estate auction, someone bought it and left it behind since its missing one Santa. I pounced, knowing I'd give it a good home along with all of my other 1950s era things.
 The TREE!!!!!
 Cool felt mailbag. Although  we havent gotten many cards, people just dont send them anymore. I hate that! One of my friends told me he was moving with the times and wasnt doing cards. This did not go over well with me and I told him I had better receive a card or else! I got the card a few days later. Where have all the polite social conventions gone?? Oh how I would love a time machine for Christmas! That and an Edison crank phonograph so I can play my 78 rpm jazz records.


  1. Hi, DWR! I also host a Pennsylvania based blog and just discovered yours. I love what you're doing and your retro Christmas display. I miss some of the same things about the 50s: snail mail letters and cards, formality, proper manners and etiquette and growing up in a low tech age listening to vinyl records. Fortunately there are bloggers like you who are not only keeping the memories alive but making vintage and retro fashionable again. Merry Christmas!

  2. I FINALLY was gifted a 6' aluminum I know I will start hoarding all the vintage kitschmas I previous bought to just resell to decorate instead.

    Love all those reindeer!

  3. Love of the Hunt--congrats on our new tree!!!
    Shady Del Knight--greetings and hello to a PA retrophile!