Tuesday, September 23, 2014

art deco goodies

I hit some thrifts about a solid hour from my house, in a town I had never even thought about going to, Wow, I scored there! Behold!
A great glass tray with a smashing peacock design. Maybe its bad luck to say smashing in the same sentence as glass tray, but I am throwing caution to the wind. This was, are you ready, $4!!! Not $40, four dollars!!!! I was flipping out!!!

Great glass pitcher with design of 1930s era swells out on the town! Wow!! This was $7 and I couldn't get the money out fast enough. Now I need a vintage fridge, see how one thing leads to another....

Celluloid teal colored creamer and sugar set, handmade mouse pin cushion and nice arts and crafts style bean pot. Its missing the lid but I don't care I tell you, I don't care! It matches the theme of my bungalow house and mission style living room. It will hold a small plant in said living room when I have some time to get a small plant.

Vintage fabric remnant stash. I bought these at the flea market from a guy who said he bought a storage unit that had alot of fabric. I dug through alot of bins but these were the only older prints I could find. Now I get to sew something. But what? Decisions decisions.

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