Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hey Doll Vintage Magazine

Check out Hey Doll Vintage Magazine, a new, free online magazine about all things vintage! Its really cute and nice.  I am really happy to have found this magazine so I can see what other fans of vintage are up to. Plus I have an article in the new issue! WooHoo!  The May issue has a Great Gatsby theme, and my article is called Decorum for Daisy: Etiquette in the Era of Gatsby. Here is the link to the magazine.

Also  below is a photo from an old advertising campaign by a trash bag company. My friend's mom showed this to me and said "this is what you will turn into, I know it." I was clueless as to what she was talking about since I wasnt into old stuff or anything at the time. Well, it turns out that she was quite prophetic, although I am not a senior citizen! That kitchen has my name all over it! And I will admit that I do buy pink trash bags at the dollar store! Even the garbage has panache at my pad. And I love her outfit! What is not to love about this woman. seriously? She rules.

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