Friday, May 10, 2013

Gene Tierney in Leave Her to Heaven

The other nite I watched the beautiful Gene Tierney in Leave Her to Heaven, an awesome, excellent 1940s era movie. The colors in the movie are stunning, as are Gene's outfits.  I was going crazy over her clothes.  The plot can be summarized as follows:   An innocent lad meets hot stuff Gene and marries her a week later.  All is well, until a few suspicious deaths occur.  Is Gene the culprit? How could she be, she's so sweet and lovely.  Is Gene's sister going to be next on the chopping block? She has been hanging out with Gene's hubby a little too much. Way too much, as far as Gene is concerned. Below, Gene is glamorous in the club car on  a train.
 Her lounging pajamas are to die for! And someone just might die for them, since Gene has a devilish streak.
 Bopping around the house in a caftan.
 The sister, the object of Gene's ire. Quite prim and proper even though she's been eyeing up her very married brother in law.  Hell hath no fury, people!

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