Monday, August 8, 2011

1950s home design Wowee Zowie!

This is a great book that I scored at an auction. (No other bidders, much to my delight). Its called The Good Housekeeping Book of Home Decoration, from 1955. That means it was published smack dab in the middle of my favorite decade and showcases the best in retro decor to which I can aspire.  There are alot of great retro rooms pictured and a fair share of ugly colonial ones as well. Many photos are in black and white but here are a few color ones. My camera batteries died so I will supplement this post with more photos later. Below: Great orange and turquoise color scheme! Why have we as a society turned our backs on this color scheme?

 Check out this amazing rec room complete with stylish linoleum built-in shuffleboard alley! There's a rattan chair in the lower right corner as well, be still my beating heart!
 Another stellar rec room! Dig that mural on the wall! Plus those stools-- I am loving them. I can just picture myself in this room, wearing a killer vintage dress and serving up some mai tais to the strains of some Esquivel or other suitable lounge music. Yes, I dare to dream.
 Now, hang onto your hats, behold the TURQUOISE metal cabinets in this dream kitchen! I am short of breath, I am so enraptured. Ahh, I love it!

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  1. MAN. ALIVE. Mid century Good Housekeeping knows its onions! I love that coral color with built in faux jungle aspects plus turquoise chairs in the first photo! Actually, I love all the photos. To have those metal cabinets or that tile shuffleboard! Great post, thanks for sharing.