Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Winter of Our Discontent

Winter really puts the kibosh on the junk hobby. Or should I say junk lifestyle. So here are some past finds.
The book is called How to Improve Your House and Grounds. It also says on the cover: How to Make Your Home an Estate! 1953 Popular Science Publishing. I want to make my home into an estate, who wouldnt want to?? I ended up with this after buying a pile of stuff at the auction house. Now I need to get cracking to make my home an estate.
 The painting is from an auction. I thought it had a 1950s look to it. Reminded me of old barkcloth.

The ashtrays are from an old Texas hotel called the King Motel, 9101 So. Main, Houston, Tex., MO 2605. That's the phone number not the zip code. I would love to call that old fashioned phone exchange and stay at a motel that had ceramic ashtrays! I bet it was great in its day.

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