Wednesday, February 2, 2011

random vintage finds

Here are some of my vintage finds.  The portrait of the woman called to me at the estate auction  and would not let up until I outbid a few people and won. Now I need to find a place for her at the pad. The Cape Cod dish reminds me of the Cape, where I vacation every summer. They don't make souveniers like they used to.

I bought the hat for my husband at the estate auction. He had been admiring similar ones when we were at VLV two years ago but he didnt buy one there. So I was really excited to find this one, ununsed and in the box. I had to outbid a slew of people. I thought I was going to pass out from the stress of frenzied bidding. When I won I was exhausted, I couldnt believe that so many people wanted the hat and were bidding on it. Anyhow, wouldnt you know it ended up being too small for him when I got it home. It is going on ebay in the near future.

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