Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dita Dita Dita!

I saw Dita Von Teese! Me! I cannot believe this happened! And only had to go about a mile from my lair to do so, which makes it ever better.  The Saint and I went down to the theater the nite of the show, they had tons of tickets left. We got great seats up front in the orchestra section. I'd day the place was one-third full, about 500 people there. The show was fantastic, really entertaining. The master of ceremonies, Murray Hill, who calls himself "the hardest working middle aged man in show business," is actually a woman in a suit. She/he was hilarious. It wasn't a stand-up comedy routine, she/he was just talking about the acts and making fun of people in the audience (good naturedly). Dita does 4 routines and in between other burlesque performers do their acts. There were about 8 or so performers and the show is 2 hours so you get your moneys worth. They even had one boylesque act! It brought the house down, the women were going crazy, me included! Dita's acts are very professional with top notch props and costumes, very Hollywood razzle dazzle. She does a martini glass act, a cowboy routine with a pink glittery mechanical bull, an oriental pagoda set and one more I can't remember. (you know you had a good time when you cant remember any of it) We had a BLAST!!! I highly recommend seeing her stage show if you are a fan of burlesque. With the exception of one performer its pretty clean, not dirty. One performer, some way too skinny woman from the Crazy Horse club in Paris did a sleazy routine, it was nasty and I didn't like it at all, it was like porn, not burlesque. Other than that the show was terrific.

In other news I found a nice vintage hand bag at a thrift store (100 miles from my house). It has painted flowers for a nice touch. I do well at out of town thrifts.  The thrifts near me have the following: thousands of dusty copies of the Frampton Comes Alive LP, country decorations involving geese dressed in colonial outfits, stained cheap clothing from Target and scads of  repulsive used bedsheets. Ye gads, then why do I keep going to them???

Ignore my pale, claw-like hand and focus on my stylish leopard print bathrobe instead.

One more thing, last week these babies were for sale at the estate auction. I planned to win them and immediately get rid of the shades. (I no longer decorate with irony. I used to, but no more. I don't think anyone got the joke, they just thought I was a loser.) Since they weren't coming up on the auction block until late at nite I left a HUGE whopping bid, a large sum, way more than I would even want to pay, almost retail, and went home, confident that I would win them, since the sale was primarily a baseball card auction and hardly anyone was there other than guys who collect baseball cards.  I didn't win, I couldn't believe it. I demand to know who stole these out from under me! I am really curious as to who won them and why. I just hope they appreciate them as much as I would have.

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