Sunday, November 4, 2012

new scores finally!

I had to hit a thrift store 125 miles from my house to score, and score I did! I got these awesome 1950s asian figurines, I thought finding stuff like this in the thrifting wilds was an urban myth, but no! It happened!!! They were $4 for the pair.
I also went to the Shupps Grove end of season flea/antique market event 2 weeks ago ( see post of Oct. 18, 2011 for info on the grove), and the dealers were all having clearance sales. I got a set of 6 of these swirly 1950s glasses for, hold onto your hat, $1.25!!!! I also got this nice vintage made in Japan reindeer.
Below is one of the reasons why I stood in line in the freezing cold to get into an estate sale a year ago. I needed this deco chrome and bakelite shaker. The chrome has a bit of wear and needs to be polished when I have some time. Everyone needs a chrome and bakelite shaker dont they?
I also went to an estate liquidators outlet somewhere in the Wilmington, DE area,where I got this great pink elephant liquor decanter and music box. What a great combination! I love old barware with pink elephants on it! The lamp post opens to hold the hooch and when you wind it up, or are yourself wound up, it plays How Dry I Am. Unfortunately it had broken in the past and someone glued it back together with this nasty yellow glue, and I had to scrub it off. There is still a little on there but its much better now. If you are interested in old stuff you know exactly what kind of glue I am talking about, its like they only had one kind back then and people botched repairs with it all the time.
Plus, the Xmas issue of Bachelor Pad Magazine is shaping up to be gangbusters!!

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  1. You should sell that shaker on Ebay. I sold one similiar and it went for almost $200 :)

    Good find!